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MSPL offers a complete system solution firmly focused on your specific requirement. We apply superior technology and innovative spirit in order to deliver an optimal solution.

Bio Gas Handling Systems

MSPL provides total end to end solution in handling biogas right from digester to the pipelines; this includes slug catchers, KO pots, Amine units, dehydration units, compression systems and sulphur recovery units, meter runs for custody transfer. At MSPL we also help you in pre and post startup support in case of biogas handling system.

In case of specific purification requirement, MSPL offer a customized solution as per your requirements. In case of specific chemical components needs to be removed such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and other sulphur bearing chemical compounds, same is incorporated in the system.

A typical design of Biogas system consists of

  • Gas Holding Tank
  • Gas Compressor/blower
  • Pipe line
  • Burner
  • Auto Flaring unit
  • Foam Trap separator
  • Diverter valves
  • Gas flow meter
  • Automation

Bagasse Handling Systems

Long Lasting Hassle Free Performance

MSPL offers turnkey solution for Bagasse handling system as well as dual fuel feeding systems such as coal, Bagasse, bio-gas etc for optimum utilization of the fuel.
Bagasse handling system consisting of Bagasse bale Breaker, intermediate handling conveyor`s, Bagasse feeder and spreader.


  • Customized solutions
  • Energy efficient
  • High Filtration output

Bagasse Bale Breaker:
Bale breaker is used for disintegration of packed bale into loose fibers which is discharged on Bagasse feeder charging conveyor. These are manufactured for 5TPH, 10TPH, 15TPH, 25TPH. Light weight, sturdy and minimal power consumption are the exclusive features of these breakers.

  • Crusher Drums are dynamically balanced.
  • Material Recycling
  • High performance density

Bagasse Feeder:
We offer a wide range of high performance Bagasse Feeders that are used in fuel feeding systems of various industries. Manufactured from the premium quality raw materials, our Bagasse feeders make a perfect fusion of quality and efficiency.

  • Long lasting and hassle free performance
  • Finest performance with very low maintenance

Bagasse Spreader:-
As name suggests Bagasse spreader is used to spread the Bagasse uniformly over the firing bed of the boiler. Spreader lip comes in both control modes manual & automatic. Spreader is manufactured from superior quality manganese cast alloy material suitable to sustain at a temperature of 900 deg Celsius.

Dust Control System

We manufacture automated air pollution control equipments & devices for industry they remove the dust particles from an exhaust stream before it is emitted into the atmosphere. There is a constant need for Air-Solid separation, Coarse-fine separation, liquid-solid separation, Solid segregation. Mechatronics provides various solutions for air pollution control equipment as per customer requirement


  • Robust construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle free operation
  • Efficient performance
  • Compliance with local pollution norms

  • Reduced air pollution
  • Associated health benefits

Air-Solid Separation:- Air Solid Separation is component of Dust collection system. It prevents pollution, wastage of material, reduces health hazard, improves work environment.
Though we are having our standard units of 9 m² to 150 m² for handling the air from 200 m³ to 15000 m³, most often these are custom built and varies depending upon type of material, dust concentration mg/l of air, temperature, Physico-chemical properties of material and end requirement.

Cyclone separator:- Often there is a requirement of collection of fine`s i.e. particle size below 10microns, this is achieved by Mechatronics suitably designed high efficiency Cyclone separator.

Wet Scrubber:- The material fines which are difficult to separate by mechanical means are dissolved in water with the help of Scrubber followed by water purification system.

Ash Handling System

Ash is residue of any solid combustible substance, in most of the cases it is coal. Typically, A power plant generates 30 - 35 % ash of it total consumption. An Ash handling System becomes very important for its proper utilization and disposal. At MSPL we provide entire systems for Boilers Ash Handling for Dry Ash Inclusive of Ash Silos & Hoppers. Ash can be further classified as Bottom ash & Fly Ash. Bottom ash is the residue which remains in the solid form at the bottom Fly ash: This consists of light particle which goes out along with exhaust gases, and usually they are collected in chimneys.

Features & Benefits:-

  • Dust-tight design permits conveying of extremely fine material.
  • High-temperature designs
  • Configurations available for a wide range of feed and discharge requirements.
  • Low velocity and wear-resistant materials result in a long lifetime.
  • Less maintenance and lower costs due to a minimal number of moving parts.

Cullet Washing System

Efficient Washing system is one of the essentials for glass manufacturing industries. Typically used for cleaning glass cullet's before feeding it to furnace. Cullet washing systems are used for removing the contaminants such as

  • Mud
  • Metallic particles
  • Plastic & Stones
  • or any other impurities which leads to poor products
MSPL is one of the leading materials handling solution provider in glass industry and cullet washing system is one of the important equipment in glass manufacturing industry.

Bagging & De-bagging System

MSPL is involved in providing full range of packing and unpacking solutions, right from De-bagging systems, bulk bag unloading systems and packaging systems. Bagging systems are customized depending upon the material, quantity, required flow and packaging case,

De-Bagging Systems: - This is fully automatic debagging machine for debagging powdery material packed in HDPE, Paper, PE bags
Capacity: 120 bags/ hr to 400 bags/ hr.

Bulk bag unloading system - MSPL's bulk bag unloading system are ideal for transferring the bulk material on the processing unit, Conveyors or Feeders.
Capacity: 50 to 1000 Kg @ 10 to 60 bag / hr
Components: De-dusting Systems, Vibro Screen & In Built Filtration systems

Packaging system: Installed right below the storage hopper MSPL’s Packaging equipment are equipped with PLC based control system with Electra-pneumatic and electro-mechanical systems.
Capacity: Packing 25 Kgs - 1000 Kgs bags.
Rate of Packaging: 300 Bags /hr

PLC Based Control Panels

MSPL has strong capability in process Automation. We undertake take projects based on PLC with HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch Panels equipped with SCADA Application. Having a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing we provide panels which are Powder Coated and Stainless Steel Control Panels as per your specific requirement. Known for its Instrumentation and Automation in Bulk processing industries, we supply customized control panels based on Control Logic, Operational philosophy with best in the industry switch gears form top brands in the world.


  • High speed processor
  • Voltage Fluctuation protection
  • Efficient performance

  • Energy Savings
  • Easy to operate.

Coal Handling Systems

Coal handling system is used to for preparation of coal and lignite which is required to fuel in FBC Boiler. For these boilers size of coal and lignite are specific, Coal handling system ensures that feed to boiler are as per the requirement, the We also provide coal handling system as per client specific requirement. Our System is also integrated to provide you MIS of run hour report.
MSPL's coal handling systems are extremely user friendly and include handling equipment, Conveyors, coal mine specific belt conveyor, Crushers, Coal Screens and feeders and spreaders for activities like crushing, screening, intermediate and finished product conveying vertically as well as horizontally.

Auxiliary Equipment include

  • Crushers - Jaw crushers, roller crushers, ring Granular, cone Crushers
  • Vibrating Screens - Single as well as multi Deck
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Coal feeders & Spreaders
  • Coal conveyors conventional
  • Coal Dust conveying systems

  • Fuel feeding to boiler and furnace becomes very east
  • Lesser risk and Energy and Time efficient
  • More capacity or as per requirement capacity

Pneumatic Conveying System

Designing, developing Pneumatic conveying solution is one of the core expertises of MSPL. Suitable for multiple materials in varied industries like food, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, construction, detergent, packaging, etc. Pneumatic conveying systems are based on two concepts. Pressure type in which material is conveyed with the help of air pressure towards the destination where as in case of suction type material is sucked from source & discharged by gravity up to destination.

Pneumatic conveying system comes with two variants -
Dense Phase
Lean Phase

Dense Phase
Dense phase systems utilize high pressure & low Air/Gas volume as material needs to move at low velocity. These types of systems use compressed air / gas to required force for the movement. Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are ideal for materials which are Abrasive, Fragile and higher density.

Dense Phase pneumatic systems from MSPL are totally enclosed which makes it totally Dust free, Spill free and does not get affected by environmental conditions.

  • Long operating life with minimum maintenance
  • Minimum noise making it safety and environment friendly

Lean Phase
Lean phase conveying systems combines fluidizing conveying technique which in trun reduces air pressure requirement. These low pressure Air or Gas acts as motive force to transfer powered / granular bulk solid through a pipeline at high velocity.

Lean phase systems can again be categorized as Pressure type or vacuum type. Capacity : 50 TPH
Conveying Length : 300 Mts (pressure based) 50 Mts (vacuum based)

Slag Handling System

In steel Industry, Average percentage of slag is 20 % behind every tone of steel. This metal can be recycled for new steel production which makes slag processing plant pertinent in a steel metal setup. While making steel there is about 20% slags for every ton of steel. MSPL offers a complete turnkey solution in slag processing right from Feeding and unloading machines to ware-housing containers.

A typical Slag processing unit includes

  • Hopper
  • Vibratory Feeder
  • Jaw-crusher
  • Vibro-screen
  • Ball Mill
  • Washing options
  • Magnetic separators

  • Ideal for Slag reserves, highest metal recovery
  • Technologically advanced with extremely competitive price
  • Quick recovery of your investment.

Weighing & Batching system

Mechatronics auto batching controls are designed to provide easy to operate solutions for accurate minor and micro material weighing. These batch controllers, used in conjunction with platform scales, mixers on load cells, hopper scales etc; with per-programmed formula one ingredient at a time.

Features and Benefits:-

  • Batch a wide variety of products extremely accurately with no changeover parts
  • Designed for short or long production runs and a wide range of product sizes
  • Modular design allows for Expansion and limited space applications
  • Increased output of batches per minute
  • Designed for short or long production runs and a wide range of product sizes