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MSPL products are known for its superior performance and optimum Efficiency. Right from simple feeder to customized conveying system you will certainly get best value for your investment.

Belt Conveyor

Stable structure, Minimum Maintenance

Belt conveyors have a wide range of utilities; type of material to be used for belt totally depends on properties of material it is suppose to carry such as temperature, moisture content, particle size etc.

  • Made up of two or more pulley based systems
  • Width range of 400 mm to 1500 mm ideal for bulk material handling
  • Ideal for Stable and long conveying requirement
  • Stable structure with very easy and minimal maintenance
  • Less noise and less Cost

Rod Gate

Perfect Control of Material Discharge

Known for its convenience in operation, Rod gate is an ideal option for screw gate. Also known as discharge adjuster, rod gates are characterized as nimble opening. Series of rods are placed parallel into a frame creating block on the one side of the plate, as per the requirement of the flow rods can be removed.

  • Excellent for flow control
  • Convenient and smooth operation

Lump Breaker

Reduction Up-to Submicron level

Lump breakers reduce the size of lumpy substance or lumps which are created during the transit or lumps formed at the time of storage. Reduces pieces or lumps from 6" to 1/16" Lump breakers from MSPL come with heavy duty single shaft rotor which is driven by V-belt, and blades with fixed or rotating in option. Lump breakers are widely used in industries like chemical, minerals , salt, sugar, ceramic


  • Economical means of reducing compacted material
  • De-lumps and improves product flow for a variety of applications

Continuous Mixer

Homogeneous and Optimum Blend Mixing

Continuous mixer has wide range of applications, Ideal for mixing dry materials, blending of dry and liquid materials for slurry creation. This horizontal type of mixer is fitted with auger with multiple arms, with circular movement of auger these arms turn material in circular motion leading to mixing of the same.
Continuous mixer ensures homogeneous mixing without formation lumps or agglomerates, and ensures optimum mixing conditions. Known for their space efficiency Continuous Mixers from MSPL are extremely easy to clean. With its less consumption of energy continuous mixers are equally energy efficient.

  • Adjustable mixing paddles
  • Wide variation in operating parameters

Diverter Valve

Long life, Reliable Operations

Our gravity and conveying diverters are designed for reliable operation and long life. The most important feature is optimal valve selection based on your process requirements. MSPL has deep understanding and 10 years+ of experience selecting, designing and manufacturing diverter valves.

Slat Conveyor

Bulk Material movement made Easy

Slat conveyors are typically used to carry bulk and heavy materials in parallel line, "c" type of conveyors carry load on top side and the slat returns to the loading point from bottom. Typically, two parallel running chains guided throughout the length of conveyors by sprockets which are securely held by the shafts.

  • Rugged welded construction with flat conveying systems
  • Accessible from both side of the conveyors
  • Grooved upper track to guide the chain as well as slats

Rack & Pinion Gate

Simple Construction, High Performance

Rack and pinions are used generally as maintenance gates ahead of feeders and other equipment. Simple construction of these gates makes them extremely reliable even after month of non-operation. This is especially important in powerhouse and industrial applications.

  • Low in Maintenance and highly reliable.
  • Widely used in the industry for variety of application

Jaw Crushers

Exceptionally high Crushing Capacity

Jaw Crushers are ideal for crushing hard substances like granite stone, black tarp rock, river gravels, iron ore etc. Jaw Crushers from MSPL are equipped with high quality steel components and durable wear parts which makes them exceptionally high crushing capable. These crushers have large crushing ration due to its deep crushing cavity.

  • Large range of discharge opening range
  • Even particle size with better production output

Twin Spiral Mixer

Perfect and Efficient Mixing

This large room size vertical mixer is equipped with two large size spiral augers that mix product perfectly with its three way mixing action. Consuming minimum energy Twin spiral mixer is extremely energy efficient in its category. The SuperTwin Spiral Mixer provides the feed processor with completely mixed batches faster than a single-auger mixer and at lower capital costs . MSPLs super twin mixer comes with two mounting option i.e. floor as well as ceiling, drop bottom clean out makes this machine easy to clean and maintain.

  • Fully enclosed discharge, eliminates cross contamination
  • Three way mixing action, eliminates bridging and sticking

Rotary Air lock Valves

Excellent Performance at Extreme conditions

MSPL has a wide range of high efficiency air lock valves, which work at a pressure drop of more than 1500 mwc. We manufacture following types of RALV`s in size 150NB, 200NB, 250NB, 300NB, 350NB, 400NB, 450NB Available in three variants, we provide these valves in Fabrication, casted in MOC MS & SS304 with adjustable tips in spring steel, Teflon as per the requirement of end use.

  • Drop type
  • Blow thro type
  • Side discharge type

Roller conveyors

Efficient and Safe movement of your material

Roller conveyor are used to carry items like tray, drums, bags, boxes etc. typically used at Airports, finished goods storage, stations and many other places. MSPL provides different type of roller conveyors such as idler roller, powered roller and accumulation roller conveyors.

  • variety of options available for roller conveying systems, including the hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems
  • Conveyor with curved designs

Diverter Gate

Controlling the direction of material flow

Diverter Gates are used to change the direction of flow of bulk materials. These types of gates can also be used to divert material to another process stream or to divert off-spec material to a bin. Diverter Gates consist of a pivoting gate blade located inside an inverted Y-shaped housing. These types of gate are widely used in many industries such as cement, chemical, mining and wastewater treatment industries for controlling the flow of bulk materials.

Blade operation options: manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic means.

  • Ideal for Vertical discharge of material
  • The gate blade can be positioned to divert bulk materials to both the side of housing
  • Excellent for controlling the flow of bulk material

Nauta Mixer

Optimum Efficiency, Excellent Mix

The mixing is carried by means of 3 distinct intermixing actions The agitator moves along with the orbiting tank, the screw removes the material away from the tank walls and deflects it into the centre of the tank thus achieve a thorough mix. Unique design of Nauta mixer ensures excellent mixing, even if the feed is in lesser quantity. MSPL provides GMP models for pharmacy as well as food industry.

  • Higher in efficiency as mixing time is very less
  • 100 % discharge possible due to bottom valve

Bucket Elevator

Maximum efficiency, Minimum Space

The bucket elevators are designed to attain highest standard in conveying granular or powered material customized per the required specification. Their modular design and rugged construction make them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Elevator frames fabricated from either Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 304 or 316
  • Elevator frames modular type in standard length of 2500 mm & can easily be assembled at site
  • Vertical and horizontal transportation of bulk material.

Pan type Mixer

Reliable performance, Benchmark Output

Heavy structural steel makes pan type mixer highly durable, typical design of this mixer makes it ideal for fly ash, grit cement & small granules. The proper mixing for quality Bricks & paving Blocks is done by using machine. Stirrer type blades and roller are provided to achieve the function...

  • Reliable performance with benchmark efficiency
  • Shorter cycle time with low noise

Pocket Elevators

Safe Movement of Delicate Material

Closed Pocket Elevators provide reliable conveying of the most delicate products. Each no-spill pocket carries the product and eliminates the problems with the return run on conventional belt conveyors.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Belt is completely removable for sanitation

Screw Feeder

Modular Construction, Flexible operation

Ideal for conveying free flowing dry powders, grains, to semi-fluid materials. Screw feeders caters various industries like Glass, Soap & Detergent, Welding electrode, Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, etc

  • Available in carbon steel, abrasion-resistant steels, stainless steel and high-nickel
  • Capable to handle various material from sluggish to free flowing
  • Low maintenance and cost effective as compared to other conveying option
  • Customized development based on specific requirement

Weigh feeders

Sturdy & Heavy Mechanical Designs for higher efficiency

Developed and built for extremely high accuracy and reliability, Weigh feeders are designed to suit specific material flow characteristics, fabricated in mild steel with crowned machine and running in self aligning anti-friction bearing. External Belt scraper is mounted on the discharge side and Internal Belt is mounted near the tail reduces sticking of material.

  • Quick and trouble free for operation without dismantling of pulleys, Idlers, Measuring device and In-feed Hopper.
  • Special load transfer mechanism to ensure high sensitivity
  • Ideal for uneven loading gives a unique advantage to our feeder from the rest.
  • Sturdy and heavy mechanical design for high capacities, application under harsh operating conditions and longer operational life.

Vibratory Screen

Screening for Exact size

Vibrating screens can handle variety of powdery, granular & lumpy material. Vibrating Screens are typically used for scalping and sizing either course or fine particles and dewatering solids.

  • Ability to separate materials from 6 to 20 microns and have an option of foot mounting or suspended.
  • Smooth and quiet operation with customized size and capacity.
  • Exact sizing as per requirement
  • Energy efficient with minimal maintenance

Bagasse Feeder

Long lasting trouble free performance

We offer a wide range of high performance Bagasse Feeders that are used in fuel feeding systems of various industries. Manufactured from the premium quality raw materials, our Bagasse feeders make a perfect fusion of quality and efficiency. Utilization of technically superior machines in the production assures sturdy construction, high speed and durability. Our Bagasse Feeder provides long lasting trouble free performance and needs low maintenance cost.

  • Long lasting and hassle free performance
  • Finest performance with very low maintenance


Constant Weighing of Material

Belt weigher is a part of the conveyor belt. Weigher system consists of a conveyor belt whose load is constantly weighed with a measuring device. The volume flow is calculated from the product offload (Load-cell value) and belt speed (Tacho frequency or fixed frequency).

  • Calculates the instantaneous value of the material being conveyed and keeps track of the amount of material conveyed over a period of time.
  • The measuring unit is operated using the keypad, and the 2 line, 16 digit LCD display

Vibratory feeder


High Discharge Quantity, Low Energy Consumption

Electro-mechanical feeders are ideal for discharge of dry bulk material in the processing stage. Widely used in Steel, Ferro Alloys, Glass, Foundry, Concrete, Chemical, Recycling industries for materials like powder, plastic pellet, dry chemicals, glass cullet, coal, Alloys, ores, minerals, grains, feed, wood chips, salt, sugar and many more

Working principle:
An unbalanced motor is used to create vibration which is imparted to tray/through either in rectilinear or elliptical motion. This vibration leads material to slip and sling making material to move further on the tray.

  • Smooth, consistent and continuous discharge of material
  • Higher discharge capacity with very minimal energy consumption


Less Downtime, Higher Productivity

In case of electro-magnetic feeders, vibration is generated through electrical pulses, Machine is tuned to neutral frequency which is higher the frequency of electrical pulses. Typically used when there is requirement of controlled vibration, material moves by a series of jump corresponding to frequency of vibration.

  • Less downtime, more productivity
  • At electrical frequency id 50/Sec resultant output vibration of 3000/min

High Speed Mixer

High Speed Mixer from MSPL are easy to use and extremely space efficient. This high performance mixer comes with volume capacity up-to 20 litres and its unique design of cone seat ensures stirring shaft stability through full speed range. Known for their robust design, high efficiency and long service life, MSPL's high speed mixers are cost effective and available at competitive price

  • LED display of RPM to control the process parameter
  • Less noise, Fan Cool motors with thermal overload shut-off