• Steel & Ferro Alloy

    Steel & Ferro Alloy Industry

    With the increase in demands of material handling in mining and minerals sector, Mechatronics handled the project in steel and ferroalloy with material conveying, weighing, storage. Steel is crucial to the development of any modern economy and is considered to be the backbone of human civilization.
    Though the basic constituent of steel is iron, it is the proportion of other elements in it, which gives each type of steel certain specific properties. These elements are added in liquid iron in the form of Ferroalloys to get the desired composition and properties. Thus, Ferroalloys are important additives in the production of steel and Ferro Alloys industry is vitally linked to its growth and development to that of the Steel Industry.Steel and Ferro Alloys has following categories:

    1. Aluminium
    2. Tool Steel
    3. Ferrous Alloys

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